Stop By Lansing Gardens

Stop By Lansing Gardens

For Landscape Supplies & Mulch Supplier in Lansing, MI

If you’re working on a new landscape project in Lansing, MI, come see us today. Lansing Gardens sells the landscape supplies you need to transform your property. Our friendly staff can help you choose the right products for your garden.

We’ve partnered with Stiles Landscape to bring you top-notch landscape supplies in Lansing, MI, such as mulch, top soil, fill dirt and decorate stones. Our premium mulch can give your garden bed a complete look. Visit us today to speak with an experienced mulch supplier.

3 ways to incorporate stones in your landscape

When you visit Lansing Gardens, you’ll see our large selection of decorative stones. But you might not know the best way to use them in your yard. Here are three ways you can include stones in your outdoor space:

  1. Use stepping stones to create beautiful walkways.
  2. Place stones around a pond to create a decorative border.
  3. Add large decorative stones to your garden design to add accent pieces.

Stones are a great way to liven up your landscape. Stop by Lansing Gardens in Lansing, MI today to browse our landscape supplies.